Storm Damage

Spring and summer result in major storms in the upper midwest.  If your home has been damaged by strong winds, hail, or any other elements, let Primo Restoration be your go-to source for repair.

Fire Damage

A fire at home can be absolutely devastating for homeowners.  If your house has fallen victim to a fire, Primo Restoration would love to help your family restore your home to its original condition and renew your property so that you forget that it ever happened.

Roof Repair and Replacement

Do you have three layers of shingles on the top of your house? Do you need complete roof repair? Or, do you just need some new shingles? Primo Restoration can handle ANY of your roofing needs.

Water Damage

Were you told that your home didn’t fall in the flood plane? And now, after that torrential downpour, you basement is completely flooded? Or if you had a leaky or frozen pipe burst, Primo Restoration can handle any water damage repairs.

Window Replacement

Did you notice a draft through your house during the blizzard attributed to the “Polar Vortex?” Or, do you just need some new, state-of-the-art, energy saving, vinyl windows? Primo Restoration is your go-to contractor for window replacement.

Did the siding peel back on the side of your house during the latest tornado warning? Or, does your home need a new face-lift?  Primo Restoration can handle any of your home siding needs and offers some of the newest technologies.


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